I am an illustrator and game designer.

BFA Illustration 1997, the Academy of Art

Projects I've Worked On
Star Wars X-Wing Alliance by LucasArts (Texture Mapper)
Sims Pets by Maxis (Character Designer)
Tangled DS by Disney Interactive (Art Lead)
A Game of Thrones CCG by Fantasy Flight Games (Illustrator)
Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast (Illustrator)
Magic: the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast (Illustrator)
The Mummy Online by Big Point (Concept Artist)
World of Warcraft CCG by Blizzard (Illustrator)
Godfather Five Families by Kabam (Art Director)

Best Alternative Illustration 1997
Student Gold Award 1997, San Francisco Society of Illustrators
Award of Merit 1997, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators
Best Cover, Silver Award 2003, Ennies
Juror's Choice Award, Gen Con 2004

Published Games
Dungeoneer card game & 8 Expansions, published by Atlas Games
Murder of Crows, published by Atlas Games
Warriors of the Red Planet RPG, published by Night Owl Workshop

Contact: me@thomasdenmark.com