Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another similated pen & ink sketch

I found it pretty fun last week to experiment with getting a pen & ink look in photoshop. Here is another one. I enjoy how it feels like the whites are scratched out as if on scratchboard. This one is some sort of swamp dragon fighting a sorceress.

Monday, September 17, 2007

yeah, of course I'm a Frazetta fanboy

I've been horrible about posting regularly on this blog! Unfortunately the career I have chosen, as most artists will tell you, is incredibly time consuming. Lame excuses aside, here is some new sketches.

The first time I saw a Frazetta book was in 1984 when I stayed over at a friend's house. His dad owned one of those "Fantastic art of Frazetta" books, and I totally geeked out on it. I didn't see another Frazetta book for many years after that, which is unfortunate because it probably would have been useful for my artistic development in high school.

Recently I was thumbing through my Frazetta books (I've since collected every Frazetta art book I could find) and really admiring his powerful pen and ink drawings. His compositions are phenomenal and his figures always have a power and movement and life that I'd give my left foot to be able to do (just need to keep my arms for drawing!).

I was wondering if I could take the inspiration of his drawings and do some sketches on the computer simulating ink.

Oh well, maybe if I keep practicing...